Refurbishment for Housing Associations


Shadowlands was a former hotel with 98 bedrooms, that had closed down and been left empty for many years.

The building had been damaged by Squatters and Thieves over the years, and also by 3 major fires, which made the building unsafe.  Great Places Housing Association bought the building from Blackpool Council with a view to construction 10 new luxury apartments.

The Solution

The building undertook a major reconstruction, up to 70% of the original building had to be demolished, which included all the rear elevation, whole roof, the 3rd and 4th floors, and the 3rd and 4th floor front elevation. 

A new rear elevation, and front elevation at 3rd and 4th floor with a new roof were constructed whilst the rest of the building was stabilized.

The Results

The building had a striking new façade, which made it a focal point in the area of North Blackpool on Pleasant St.  AS a result of this we won the Local Building Control Award for major refurbishment.  We were presented with the trophy at an awards dinner by the Councillor who said ‘The high standard of construction  has now improved the once run down area and all the local Hotels and B & B’s have improved their buildings on Pleasant St because of it’.

Shadowlands Before
Shadowlands Front After
Shadowlands Rear After
Shadowlands Stairs After
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